The human brain has evolved to use visual information as the principle means of understanding our environment.

Inntuito software is driven by the visual, using intuitive interfaces to help individuals communicate and collaborate.

Perhaps an analogy might help illustrate how it works.

Imagine you are a Stone Age man thinking about finding a way of predicting the seasons whilst inspiring your neighbours.

You might come up with the idea of arranging some really big stones in a circle so that shadows cast by the sun could be used like a sort of giant sundial.

The information would help you predict key times of the years such as the equinox (shortest day). This sort of thing is important to know if you are interested in working out the best time to plant crops for example.


However, it will have to be really big or who is going to be impressed?


On your own it’s not going to be easy. You try it anyway and just end up dropping a big rock on your foot. The answer is to get together with some other pals and working as a team tackle the problem. After some years and a lot of trial and error, you and your collaborators manage to build Stone Henge. However, had you been able to access the Internet you might have logged into your Co-Create account powered by Inntuito software.


The co-Create innovation management software would have guided you through the process of formulating the problem, sharing it with other likeminded people online whilst viewing other examples of large megaliths from around the world, together with ideas for how to move and erect really big stones.

OK our ancestors managed with out the benefit of Inntuto software and the web but had it existed it would have taken them half the time to build and they would have avoided the possibility of suffering a painful foot injury!


Inntuito’s advanced search engines, visualisation and collaboration tools, tried and tested design methods and intuitive interfaces represents a major step forward in our ability to generate creative solutions.












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